Each year Your Dream School Workers (School Chaplains & Student Wellbeing) provide over 55,000 hours of service to approximately 100,000 students across New South Wales, Victoria and SE Queensland and now in NT.


Our School Workers are active in local schools providing one to one support, group programs, in-class support and guided play during breaks. Each year over 55,000 students are provided breakfast that would normally start the day with no food.


This invaluable service is provided by workers of all ages to city and regional schools and every year Your Dream School Programs conducts our training and support Retreats for our workers in 3 key locations. The cost of these events for resources, speakers, accommodation, food and registration costs $250 per worker.


There are many programs schools and workers need in their school like our small group student wellbeing program (SPARC) to be in their school and this normally costs our schools $250 annually and our hampers for families in need during Christmas time. All these services have associated costs and OUR SCHOOL NEED YOUR SUPPORT!


By clicking below every donation over $2 is tax deductible and will help us reach our goal of $10,000!