SPARC is an eight-week social and emotional student small group program that focuses on five key areas.

The program encourages students to dream big, set goals, and work in teams, and equips students with basic fundamental skills to navigate life’s various challenges. 


SPARC is for both Primary and High school-aged students


Establishing a purpose, having a purpose or attaching a purpose to something can motivate an individual to fulfil that purpose in their life, a purpose to learning, a purpose to being kind. 


Developing a students abillity to foster healthy 

relationships through appropriate communication, words, body language and manage social interactions effectively.


Equipping students with strategies to bounce back when challenges knock them down. To look at 

challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn. 


Developing the awareness of self. Awareness of ones 

emotions and different triggers. Also the awareness of others, understanding how others are feeling and engaging appropriately.


Embracing who you are. Celebrating all the amazing things that make you, you. Avoiding comparison and wanting what others have, identifying your gifts and strengths and using them to boost confidence. 

I have been really happy with the updated SPARC. The layout of the student workbook is nicer and easier to use. The facilitator's guide is more in-depth and has good suggestions of activities to do.




For a SPARC brochure and further information, please click on the link icon below.