Your Dream Incorporated was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing relevant and impacting seminars for both High Schools and Primary Schools across Australia.


Over the years a Your Dream Seminar has been presented in over 100 schools every year and with the launch of our age specific High School and Primary School seminars and specialised teams we can better tailor our time with you to fit your schools needs. We believe that every young person, young or old can & will be inspired and changed by the words from our presenters.

The original & most popular 'Your Dream' Seminar inspires young people that they can live their dream! In the one hour seminar you will get a fun an enagaging MAGICIAN who is sure to get everyones attention as well as an inspiring & world class speaker. 

You also have the option of tailoring your seminar to the specific needs of your school. We can cover a wide range of topics and skillfully adapt to whatever age group.

Check out more about our Magician - Lewis:

Lewis Ramsay - Bio

Video Teaser - Bullying 

Please contact us to book in your seminar or for some further information. 




"I would like to say thankyou. Your words really touched me and made me think more about my dream...and through you I am going to reach for my dream" // Student

This seminar is sure to take every teenager listening on a roller coaster from hysterical laughter to the verge of tears & then walking out feeling inspired and encouraged to live their dream and make a difference in the world. 


We can also tailor our time with you to address specific needs and issues, delivering it in an appropriate and engaging way that will have your students on the edge of their seat. 

In this day and age, to go with the crowd and to do what everyone else is doing is normal. To follow your dream and to work hard for it is to 'live rebelliously'.


In this seminar young people will be inspired and encouraged to have a game plan, to never give up and to live rebelliously responsible.


In the seminar you will get a fun & enagaing musician and a world class inspirational speaker.