Since 2011 Your Dream School Programs has taken on a number of NEW schools as a Provider / Agency under the National School Chaplaincy and Welfare Worker Program. We currently have workers in schools across 4 states (NSW, VIC, QLD & NT) both regional and metro areas, which gives us a greater scope than most Provider / Agency.


Your Dream School Programs is now in New South Wales, Victorian, South East Queensland and Northern Territory schools. This new round of funding will run for 3 years (2020-2022) with some minor updates / changes. Our team is ready to help serve your school and make the application as easy as possible.

Schools will be notified of the guidelines and given the funding application directly by each State Department of Education office. School Principals should contact their state office directly.


If your school has funding but hasn't been able to find a chaplain, we can help you!


If you are interested in choosing us as your Provider / Agency please contact us on 1300 792 856 or email us at admin@yourdream.org.au




Choosing  Your Dream School Programs is easy and available to your school. Here are some of the reasons why schools choose our services:


1.            NO ADDITIONAL COST Provider, operating within the allotted admin component of the provided funding.

2.            Simple and no fuss employment of workers for placement in your existing student wellbeing program.

3.            4-5 week recruitment placement from start to finish.

4.            ONLINE reporting system that gathers worker time sheets and stats for school wellbeing team.

5.            SIMPLE payment of salaries to School Chaplains which gives them consistent income over the whole year including                 school holidays.

6.            Recruitment and checking of qualifications for a suitable candidate is part of our services, but school has final                         decision of placed School Chaplain.

7.            Personalised support for school and worker both remote and onsite support.

8.            Annual onsite visits to worker and School Welfare Team to evaluate and improve program outcomes.

9.            SPARC student group program training and support for worker.

10.          All insurances and relevant payroll administration overseen by our administration staff.

11.          Monthly updates on program outcomes and information from other school programs in Your Dream School                               Programs Network.



What's the program?

The National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) is a Department of Education (Federal and/or State) funded program which is available to all Australian schools to employ a  School Chaplain in their school. The program offers each school a grant of $20,280 per annum over four years (2020-2022) with an additional 20% loading for those schools in remote areas. Under the funding, schools engage an authorised Provider/Agency to employ a School Chaplain who must complete 400 active hours per annum.

What does the Chaplain do?

- work with existing programs/services in the school

- liase with school welfare team and counsellor

- work with local community groups/services

- participate in sports, camps, excursions and other activities

- mentor and support students identified with higher needs

- provide support for staff, students and parents

- assist with student-led activities

How does it work?

Below is a sample of the application process from start to finish. Once the school is approved and the chaplain registered, funding is released and the chaplain may commence.




- agrees to have a chaplain

- school applies for National School Chaplaincy Program funding through relevant state Education Department

- school nominates ‘Your Dream Incorporated’ as their Provider/Agency

- school can apply for the School Chaplaincy grant for next 3 years (2020-22)




- the Department of Education (Federal and/or State) receives the school application

- school is informed of the funding outcome

- once approved funds are released to the funding recipient at the beginning of each school term




- Your Dream Inc agrees to be the funding recipient for the school

- Your Dream Inc and the school sign Work Service Agreement

- Your Dream Inc starts recruitment and employment process




- chaplain must meet minimum requirements set out by the Department of Education (Federal and/or State)

- Certificate IV in Youthwork or Pastoral Care or equivalent

- qualification must include the following two core units: CHCCCS016 - respond to clients needs & CHCMHS001 - Working with people with mental health

- apply and have cleared Working With Children Check and/or National Police Check

- signed Code of Conduct and work contract

- once all information collated Your Dream Inc registers worker

What does Your Dream Inc Do?

Your Dream Incorporated is recognised and authorised under respective State Education Departments as a ‘School Chaplaincy Provider or Agency’ in NSW, VIC, QLD & NT under the Federal NSCP funding.


We are mainly responsible for:

- registering the school and worker

- reporting finances to the Dept. of Education (Federal and/or State)

- recruiting potential workers


Additionally we provide all our workers with:

- individual/group training and support

- annual school seminar  visits at a special discounted rate

- entry to our student leadership events

- monthly newsletters