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Your Dream School Programs is a registered National School Chaplaincy Service

Provider and Authorised Employment Agency in NSW, VIC, SE QLD, SA & NT. 

Originally formed and registered as a Not-For-Profit Charity providing seminar/assembly based program servicing schools across mainly NSW, Your Dream School Programs exists to help young people

overcome life challenges, build resilience so they can live their dreams. Our services and programs include School Chaplains, Student Wellbeing Workers, seminar programs, and student small group programs

(see SPARC, JUMP, and Behaviour or Attendance cards).

Our Services

This program started with a small need of 5 hampers for families in a western Sydney school in 2018  to now providing over 1,100 hampers to families across our 200+ schools in 5 states. This is a program aims to support families not only during Christmas/new year but also throughout the year by providing lunches and breakfast meals for students whose families are struggling. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you would like to contribute to our efforts please click on the hamper icon.

The National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) is a Department of Education (Federal and/or State) funded program that is available to all Australian schools to employ a  School Chaplain in their school. 

SPARC is an eight-week social and emotional student small group program that focuses on five key areas. The program encourages students to dream big, set goals, work in teams, and equips them with basic fundamental skills to navigate life’s various challenges. 

SPARC DAY OUT is a half day program with key elements from our SPARC student group program. This program is designed for larger groups or whole year groups which aims to inspire students to dream big, set goals, work in teams, and equip students with basic fundamental skills to navigate life’s various challenges.

JUMP is a strengths-based program in the form of a workbook, for a young person to work through with a facilitator or wellbeing worker. This program aims to develop skills, build resilience and a positive sense of identity, and is comprised of 5 key topics. 

Your Dream Behaviour and Attendance cards are designed to help schools with their strategies around student engagement. These cards can be used track and reward students with their aims for attendance and engagement in learning.

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Your Dream has a range of social media where we post on our feed all of the amazing things our workers do in their schools and communities. If you would like to see what we are doing and how we impact young people press the button below to be taken to our Instagram account.