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Welcome to
Your Dream
School Programs

Your Dream School Programs is a registered National School Chaplaincy Service Provider and Authorised Employment Agency in NSW, VIC, SE QLD, SA & NT.  Originally formed and registered as a Not-For-Profit Charity providing seminar/assembly based programs servicing schools across mainly NSW, Your Dream School Programs exists to help young people overcome life challenges, and build resilience so they can live their dreams. Our services and programs include School Chaplains, Student Wellbeing Workers, seminar programs, and student small group programs (see SPARC, JUMP, and Behaviour or Attendance cards).

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Follow our Journey

Your Dream has a range of social media where we post on our feed all of the amazing things our workers do in their schools and communities. If you would like to see what we are doing and how we impact young people press the button below to be taken to our Instagram account.

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